aukc April 05, 2019 / 00:00
‌ Good day! When editing icons, you receive the error:  Message Uncaught Typeerror: Cannot set property element of undefined URL : https://......./userfiles/cache/apijs/api.4a182020ecc50407....  What do You think might be the problem ?

Comments for When editing icons, you receive the error.

Boris Sokolov   2019-04-18 14:02:48
I see this message for the first time. Let me check it.
aukc   2019-04-24 10:11:05
This problem is in the Smarty template. Why on the site and on github template Smarty removed ?
Boris Sokolov   2019-04-24 10:11:55
Aukc, you can download "Smarty" template from our .ORG website here:
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