hallouniversum April 23, 2017 / 00:00
Hi to all

After installation of Microweber 1.0.8 in PHP 5.6 and login in admin page I can configure Microweber and make some changes to the default installation.
After logout from administration and load the website as a normal visitor  I see the default website. All OK so far.
Some problem will start after further login to the admin page.
The following error in debug screen is displayed :

in functions.php line 250:
Undefined property: stdClass::$visit_date ..........

I guess this message comes from the website traffic section in the dashboard. As long no user has hit the regular page (no traffic)
the Admin page functioning normal.

Is it possible to disable the website traffic section in the dashboard by configuration ??

The problem is, I am not shure, that all nessesary software is installed on the server in my hosting and the support is not willing at the
moment, to support my wishes. (They have their own website designer tools, in the hosting packages)
Is there any hint from you, what modules on server side are involved by the website traffic section, so I can insist to install them ?

I hope you understood me clear.

Thanks for advise....GREAT product you have!


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Peter Ivanov   2017-08-10 12:06:07

We just fixed this, you can update from the new zip or you can delete the folder "userfiles/modules/site_stats"
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