Microweber Is an OpenSource CMS

The core idea of Microweber CMS & Website Builder is to let you create your own website, 

online shop or blog and add/edit content easily.

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Our personal motivation to make this software open-source is that we view open-source culture as the future of internet, giving everyone the freedom to discover, share, communicate and create. End-users and developers, designers and bloggers, online entrepreneurs and freelancers, individuals and companies can all benefit from this advantage.

The CMS has two core target audiences. 

The end-user lacking serious technical knowledge comes first, since we know how frustrating the vast world of technology can be. Microweber aims to deliver an easy experience that will turn even the most uninitiated in matters technological into true masters of their website, online shop or blog. The second main audience is the developer and designer community. We want to see this community benefit from the software and unleash their imagination by creating and sharing custom-made templates or modules.

With the great help of our developer community including freelancers, web development companies, supporters, clients and users we have been able to create the absolutely amazing Microweber CMS, the easiest and most intuitive tool for building websites. 

With Microweber you can create not only small web sites or online stores. You can use it to build a much bigger website and support it easily! The developers who already use our powerful API know what we mean. We know your business needs Microweber.  

Create your new website and online shop with Microweber CMS!