webmasterneoanime February 18, 2019 / 00:00
This is a review about the Microweber's CMS and  Microweber's support & tech team.
It's going to be short and FULL.

I am writing this for people who are still hesitating to use Microweber
and I announce here that I am not paid by Microweber or by someone. 

Until now, I have managed multiple websites (most of them are sadly... failed xD)
I have used Wordpress, Joomla and etc ... I loved them ... but wanted to try something new, because they were not perfect to me.
and I have done some research ... I found some CMS (that I will not write here)

I have tried them one by one ... They were easy but they were not the one I wanted...(I'd rather use WP) 
and Microweber's turn has come.

I was really surprised. It was extremely easy to use and powerful. Configuration's are richly detailed and very easy to use.
Almost everything worked as expected. Blog, E-commerce , Personal Site can be made easily without any knowledge about coding.

Some of the people will tell me "hey there are another cms that can also do that easily"  Yes you are right but as someone who used many CMS, I can tell you that Microweber is different. For Example The Wordpress is very extensible and is able to make any kind of websites but without any knowledge of coding I can tell you it's very difficult to use. 
Some modules works on some page and some doesn't. We need to make the connection between some modules and pages on our own. It's difficult.
The speed ? It really depends of the hosting provider and what site is made with WP but generally I have to say that WP is not fast. It's not slow but it's not fast. Some will say 
"Hey that's because you haven't used the speedbooster&cache modules !" Yes you are right ! speedbooster modules can help to speedup the site I know it BUT without any knowledge 
of coding you will most likely fail to setup the configuration of the speedbooster&cache modules.

What about Microweber ? Honestly It is not as extensible as WP yet but we can make almost any type of website easily. 
I could only make limited type of site with WP, I can't make another sites. I can try but am blocked at the end. I can only copy cat and make the site that I have made in the past.
With Microweber I can try different things and finish it, there are no walls. and what I like the most is that ... Microweber is fully responsive ! 
What ever you do It is RESPONSIVE ! It is SET UP from the Start. You don't need to connect and modify the modules to make it responsive.
Modules are already made responsive ! You just make the website with Microweber. Drag&Drop the modules that you want and check your site from your PC, Smartphone , Tablets.
You see your site's modules all scaled in your screen. EASY and NO BUGS ! (and this made the difference the Microweber between another new CMS)

The Speed ? Sure with crazily lighten and tuned WP is Faster than Microweber but I want to ask you 
Are you able to do that ? 
Are you able to set up the speedup & cache modules ? Are you able to modify and delete unnecessary codes and lighten the page ? Are you able to optimize your site ? 
I cannot do it, I couldn't do it and I know most of people can't to do it. 
And untuned WP is not light. When I Compare the speed with Microweber, I feel Microweber much faster.

What about the support & Tech team ?
I have found some little bugs and contacted the support team and they fixed the Issues RIGHT IN THE PLACE.
(Well some were really bugged , some were not bugged but didn't work due to my stupidity... lol )
Thanks to Petko who is very skilled and amazingly helpful.
What I want to say here is ... Microweber's support team is waiting for your feedbacks they are looking for the perfection.
When you find bugs and report to Microweber's support. They will fix it very fast. (Most of time You will see everything getting fixed within 30min)
Another time when I was amazed again about the Microweber's team is the time when I reported a bug
the support said it ll be fixed tomorrow or within this week ( the bug was not big but was not small either )
and after 1hour the support team sent me a message that bug is now fixed :)) The support & Tech team of Microweber are extremely skilled and will surprise you 
everytime when you will report the bugs.

In Summary, 
If you are not expert at coding and was blocked in some walls in WP I suggest you to give a try Microweber
If you were using another CMS which are just partially responsive and failed to make a fully responsive website, you should try Microweber
If you are looking for some new CMS, Microweber is the one you need to try. (You can try other's but you will enjoy using Microweber at the end)
If it's the first time building a website, Microweber is a good tool to start with and end with.(You will as soon notice it when you will try another's)
If you are one of those who were disappointed by the fake easy site builders, you must try Microweber. You will finish your site without any difficulty. 

Microweber is not perfect yet. But I think It's in the way. If some one will ask me what to use to build a website. Now, I'll definitely say "Microweber"

PS : I am not from the native English speaking country. Sorry for my poor English but I really wanted to write this review and share and tell to people about what I have felt 
about Microweber 


Comments for My Microweber review (+support & tech team's review too)

Boris Sokolov   2019-02-18 11:23:18
WOW! Thank you webmasterneoanime for this honest review! I am happy that you like Microweber and use it for creating websites. This means that we have done the job. I am glad you compare us with the other systems and give us the right evaluation. We are continuing with the improvements, templates, modules, and updates. Best regards!
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