aymeric.muntz November 24, 2016 / 00:00
I've read you documentation http://microweber.com/docs/guides/installation.md#multi-site-setup

I've tried and it works perfectly. Now I would like to script the creation of a new site (automatic creation of the database for example). Could you please indicate me where I can find more informations?

Thank you

Best regards

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Peter Ivanov   2017-08-10 12:22:23

in order to make multi domain setup you must make a folder for each domain in the config directory with a file named microweber.php in it

for example for example.com you must make empty file at config/example.com/microweber.php
for example2.com you must make empty file at config/example2.com/microweber.php

after that when you visit example.com you should see the install screen and the installation will be made for this domain only
Peter Ivanov   2017-08-10 12:22:23
for the artisan to work you must pass the --env option to it

for example php artisan microweber:install --env=subdomain.example.com
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