John Smith March 30, 2018 / 00:00

I would like to say Thanks and Well done for providing such a great open source product.

I am having an issue with multi site setup. I have created two sites.

Everything seems to be working fine apart from when I upload media from site1 I can see site2's content, is this normal? Following image was taken when I was logged in as site1.

I don't really want site1 to see site2's content and vice versa. Am i doing anything wrong? Have I missed anything when I setup?

Have a lovely day.

Kind Regards,


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Peter Ivanov   2018-04-03 08:28:42

we will make this when we make roles and permission feature in the next versions
Peter Ivanov   2018-06-06 17:54:15
this is resolved for version 1.1.0
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