Microweber CMS operates on a Modular Architecture. By this we mean something very simple, yet powerful: this software offers users both the opportunity to extend their website’s capabilities and the tools to do that. The CMS has many additional features aside plain text which are dubbed modules. Modules are very diverse and range from Picture Galleries to Contact Forms or Google Maps for example. We will turn our attention to them a bit later.

The Modular Architecture is valuable because it scales well with your needs and adjustments. If your brand has spread wider and needs to be fueled by richer customization including multimedia and other features, the Modular Architecture will keep on par. There’s a term for this phenomenon: we call it flexibility.

The modules are the tools that you will utilize on your path to creating the website you wish to see. Microweber CMS is responsive to the different custom needs of its users. At this moment there are over 30 modules and all of them can be used in Live Edit view. You are ready to combine and create your content fully “live” without any restrictions.

There are different modules for the various needs you have: a Picture Gallery module and a Video embedding module for bloggers, a Checkout module and a Shopping Cart module for online entrepreneurs, Contact form, Comments or Google Maps modules for socialization. These are only examples so be sure to explore all of them and combine them depending on the purpose of your website and your personal preferences.