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This item is not available for sell right now and it will be available soon.

The reason is that we are still testing the new automatic update functionality..

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White Label Pro

Buy $20/m
Version: 0.2
Last update: 2019 Jan 08
Added on: 2015 Feb 26
Downloads: 143
Comments: 13
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White Label Pro

CREATED BY Boris Sokolov

What is white label license and what are the benefits of it for you?

Use White Label license to grow your business!


Microweber, website builder & CMS system is here to take care for your success. 
This powerful open source CMS gives you everything you always need.

First, learn more about the unlimited and awesome features of Microweber CMS

Using Microweber you actually saving a lot of time for creating websites or online shops for clients or just for the needs of your business to reach more sales channels and target groups.

You have more power to support the business and to sell more. Focus your time on the real needs of your clients using and offering them the most ease, secure and user-friendly drag and drop website builder on the market.

You are baked of top level core team support. Immediately bug fixing and fast developing of new features requests. Our focus is to give you and to your clients the comfort and inspiration to grow the businesses, intuitive editing websites and easy tracking orders in online shops.  

Get all our professional templates for your needs.

There is no need anymore to spend all your time to start from the beginning, each time when you have a new client, task or idea! There are now professional templates you can use! They are ready for edit and each of them is prepared for your needs and following the last design trends. Your business is getting the quality your clients deserve. The bug finding and destroying on Microweber CMS is also our responsibility, where you and your clients can count on automatic updating system for maximum credibility, security, and usability!

All Templates are responsive and 
work perfectly on any mobile device.

What are the benefits?

You are able to download and use all our templates for your needs.

You can use the templates for commerce purpose as a base for your projects or client websites. You are not allowed to redistribute this template directly to clients or give them for free.
To sell our templates you will need an extended license for each template which is not a part of this White Label License.


Use your own brand. 

Change the logo of Microweber with your own. You're able to upload your own logo which will replace the Microweber logo from the admin panel, live edit, login form, and other places. You also can put your own link in the footer of each template.

When you buy White Label license and change the logo on your own it will be saved on the next update. Microweber will be updated with the last version but your logo and links will continue existing on it.


This white label license is perfect for web design companies, web developers, freelancers, power users, and companies. You can count on professional templates and modules which are available for you to download with using this White Label license.

The price of the license is $20 per month and we are giving you for $ 200 per year with a discount of 20% for an annual subscription.

Grow your business with Microweber 

This is exactly what we are offering you when you buy white label license. 


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