Microweber 1.1.3 is released

Microweber brings new horizons to the ease of creating websites for end user and website design service providers through its Drag and Drop Website Builder and Open Source CMS.

Most importantly, our team is doing their best to provide a reliable solution built on a robust infrastructure alongside modern and clean user interface which has been brought to you among the highest and recent standards of user interface and experience to assure a great level of usability.

What’s new in version 1.1.3

Package Manager

Templates and modules are now downloaded and managed through our new package manager.
This is the most notable feature of this release and it will allow anyone to run their own Marketplace.

Improved Live Edit

Live edit is improved to with better UI/UX specially unifying the layout controllers and settings icons into one Call to Action. Now the live edit handles are unified and have better control for the user. We also improved the performance of live edit a lot, its faster and more stable.

Other new features:

Automatic Updates 
Code edit mode
Coupon codes for the shop
Auto image optimization
Newsletter module improvements
Price discount options for the shop
Layouts now have control for padding and spacing

Bug Fixes:

- Subdomain setup with Multisite, in the past you had to create multiple folders and configuration for each subdomain to avoid displaying the home site on all subdomains but now this issue is resolved.
- PDOException with message 'SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1055 Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'microweb.local_modules.id' was appearing to some users with custom SQL aggregation configurations.
- Mcrypt Encrypter is changed is it has been removed from Laravel 5.1.0
- Page Saving was not working properly with some users because of SecFilterEngine apache option, or MSPointerDown browser event or other misconfigurations.
- User's Online displaying issue (Bleeding “users Online” and “Basic Statistics)
- Menu editing was not working well, as user had to delete the current link to add new one.
- Boostrap carousel mode data-slide-to -1 which makes the dots to always navigate to the first image.
- On user registration form there was only one password field.
- Some users were not able to add logo module specially with version 1.0.8
- Products with quantity 1 can be bought multiple times, now this issue is resolved.
- Missing profile page in some templates.
- Styling issue with payment options
- Changing template does not change footer menu template.
- Marketplace connection error with message "Cannot connect to the marketplace right now. Try again later."
- Cannot remove empty element, noticed with P and heading tags
- Use redirect between /home and base domain to avoid duplicate content
- Image resize issues
- Footer in Dream template had width attribute value of “autopx”
- Issues with adding/editing tags
- Words with italic style were merging together by truncating in-between spaces.
- Issues caused by rangy-core.js deprecation for some functions.
- Currency formatting
- Shipping inclusion in tax if taxable
- Coupon code was not applying for “Cash on Delivery” payment option
- The disabled Shop cannot be enabled because the menu item is hidden
- Parsing error while using strpos() was causing 500 internal server error
- Multiple column module problem caused by column ID inserting
- Wysiwyg panel does not close if another one is opened
- Shipping cost calculations
- Shop products list displaying issues
- Column layout display issue with padding between inner and outer columns
- Failure of installation with PostgreSQL with error:
PDOException in Connection.php line 358:
SQLSTATE[42P01]: Undefined table: 7 ERROR: relation "attributes" does not exist
- Issues with saving Checkout fields from the live edit mode.
- Issues with installing templates and modules from marketplace is resolved by our new package manager
- Auto-responder emails were being sent to the admin email address.

We are continuing our hard work to make Microweber a preferred solution for any kind of website. 

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