info January 07, 2019 / 00:00
Hello togehter,
when I go to the module "Files" to upload new Pictures, I see the media content from the directory "media/myWebsite".
But If i create a new folder for my Pictures, the folder will be saved in the directory "media" and I am not able to see this folder in the module "Files".
1. What I need to do to see the folder "media" when I start the module "Files"
2. What can I do to tell the system, to save the new folder in the directory "media/myWebsite"

Thanks a lot to your support and help.

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Peter Ivanov   2019-01-14 09:32:30
hi, thanks for report. we will fix this.
Peter Ivanov   2019-01-15 12:09:49
hi this is fixed now, we hope to release new version on the end of the month
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