Login & Register

With Microweber, you have various Login and Register options for your website's users.  You can manage these options via the Login and Register features, which is part of the Settings menu.

You can enable or disable user registration. You can also allow Social Login with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Enabling user registration on your website has obvious benefits: 

it gives you more information about your customers, allows you to better track their behavior and better adapt the products you offer to your preferences. For users, registration means they don't have to fill-out forms every time they make a purchase.

Social Login, on the other hand, gives users an almost immediate access to your store, saving them time to fill out personal details. Almost everyone nowadays has a social media profile, so this means huge timesaving for a lot of actual and potential customers.

For you as a website or online store owner, 

social login increases the chances of repeat business

as users find it easier to use and benefit from a more personalized experience.