mehul.kwt July 03, 2018 / 00:00
Hello Sir,

I am installing microweber latest version on my pc. But installation freezed at 7%, I tried 4 times but not working.


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elpreto   2018-07-10 16:47:34
same problem here, could you fix it?
I couldn't find any error, just gets stuck
elpreto   2018-07-10 18:34:42
I pasted the error on the browser here
aukc   2018-07-11 17:23:11
Do you install on a hosting or on a local server ?
aukc   2018-07-11 17:26:10
Which local server do you use ? You may need to configure the local server, or try using a different local server.
aukc   2018-07-11 17:34:51
I am using this locally it all works.
Only in the settings tab modules choose apache-PHP-7 and PHP-7.0
aukc   2018-07-11 17:58:04
At 7 percent just a long time to wait and everything will be fine !
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