Microweber brand new version (1.1.0) is live!

Are you ready for the new version? Version 1.1.0 is better than you can possibly imagine.

After months of hard work, we are super excited to announce that Microweber's brand new version 1.1.0 is finally live! Our latest release comes with a complete overhaul of our design and a reshuffle of the features aimed at bringing even better experience to our users. And that's not all – we are now 100% mobile ready!

We also  the code on the backend and the live editmade a lot of improvements of 

We can talk for ages about what we've done, but deeds speak better than words. Just take a look at some of the upgrades we made for you:

Brand new Dashboard

Before image After image

Dashboard v. 1.0.7 vs Dashboard v. 1.1.0

Obviously, we played around with the dashboard design quite a bit, hoping it is now much more pleasant for the eye. But that's not all, we also did our best to improve its logic and usability, making some structural changes. The Dashboard now features  an upgraded statistics functionality allowing users to trace how their website, online shop or blog performs in real time. 

Easy-to-manage website

Before image After image

Website v. 1.0.7 vs Website v. 1.1.0

Creating new pages is so much fun

Before image After image

Create New Page v. 1.0.7 vs Create New Page    v. 1.1.0  

Shopping matters

Since the built-in online shop in every single one of our templates is something that our users find particularly attractive, we decided to give it a place of its own. Unlike the previous version 1.0.7, where you had to enter the website settings to reach your shop settings, the latter are now a separate section in the left panel directly on your screen. 

Before image After image

Shop v. 1.0.7 vs Shop v. 1.1.0  

Spotless order management

Before image After image

Orders v. 1.0.7 vs Orders v. 1.1.0  

Shop Settings overhaul

Before image After image

Shop Settings v. 1.0.7 vs Shop Settings v. 1.1.0 


No matter where you are, and what you're doing, your online space is now in the palm of your hand, so you are always on top of what is going on there. We are also planning on launching a mobile app in the near future to make things even easier. Stay tuned for that!

Modules that just wow

Before image After image

We hope you like what we did with the latest Microweber CMS & Website Builder. If so, do let us know in the Comments section below. If you don't or see further room for improvement, we can't wait to hear from you - after all, our great community has been guiding us in everything we do and we appreciate your ever word and line of code!


Stay tuned for the latest exciting news about Microweber CMS & Web Builder and don't forget to tell us what you need, like or dislike in our ForumSuggest a Feature,  section or get in touch with us directly!‌   

Comments for Microweber brand new version (1.1.0) is live!

followronaldjanson   2018-12-05 07:50:28
Good Job ...
Acacia789h   2018-07-02 02:21:31
New version of Microweber (1.1.0) has released, the new version is a lot better than the old version, I really like
run 3
aukc   2018-06-10 10:23:07
Thanks for the new version ! Good job ! Microweber brand new version (1.1.0) - beta version ? Why don't count the statistics ? A new License tab has appeared I would like to know its purpose for which licenses ? The old version of the license tab did not have?. Sorry for English used Google translator.
Boris Sokolov   2018-06-08 08:27:32
Thank you! We are working now on new templates, expect them soon
marcos.barrocas   2018-06-05 21:45:18
Wow, you guys are amazing, the previous version was already good, this new version is even better. I just have to thank MW, please continue always like this, offering us excellent services. Many thanks to the MW team.
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